Whose head is it on the Kingston Logo?


The head on our logo is Dionysus, the Greek God of wine. Dionysus characterises and celebrates the Greek heritage of our founder, Sarantos Moularadellis who introduced his traditions to South Australia in the 1950's, traditions we proudly continue today.

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Being based in the Riverland do you source fruit from other wine regions?

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Most definitely yes. Every vintage we source fruit from many of the best South Australian wine regions, especially the cool climate regions. That way we can ensure that we make generously flavoured wines that best display the true essence of each varietal.

In fact the only wine we produce using Riverland fruit is our Kingston Estate and Kingston Echelon Petit Verdot, where the fruit is taken from our own vineyard.

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Do you really have the largest planting of Petit Verdot in Australia?


Yes it is true, Kingston Estate Wines hold the largest single planting in Australia and possibly the Southern Hemisphere, thanks to the foresight of Bill Moularadellis. Bill knew way back in the late 1990's that the Riverland's warm climate would suit this temperamental grape variety as it needs all that beautiful sunshine to ripen perfectly. 

At Kingston Estate Wines believe Petit Verdot is sunshine in a glass.  Basking in the Mediterranean climate, our Petit Verdot ripens to perfection, creating a powerful burst of flavour intensified by long hours under the sun.

Bill's foresight and resolve, when many wine industry doubted his vision, was rewarded when Petit Verdot emerged as the 'next big thing' and his 2002 Kingston Echelon Petit Verdot was awarded top gold at the 2003 Royal Melbourne show.

Today Kingston's Petit Verdot in both the Kingston Echelon and Kingston Estate range continue to win wine show awards.

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Do you export your wines?

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Yes, our success is underpinned by our wine exports to the traditional markets of the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, New Zealand and Canada along with exports to the emerging markets of China and India. In fact, over two thirds of our production is enjoyed by wine consumers the world over, who love our flavoursome, outstanding quality and varietal wines.

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