Whose head is it on the Kingston Logo?


The head on our logo is that of Dionysus, the Greek God of wine; he is said to be the son of Zeus, the King of the Gods, and Semele, a mortal. Dionysus characterises and celebrates the Greek heritage of our founder, Sarantos Moularadellis and his family.

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Being based in the Riverland do you source fruit from other wine regions?

Kingston Vineyard 5 (Large).jpg

Most definitely yes. Every vintage we source fruit from around ten local wine regions, from the cooler Coonawarra in the south up through to the warm Clare Valley. This gives our winemakers enormous flexibility put make wines in which the true character of each variety can shine through.

In 2012 we were able to buy a vineyard in the Coonawarra of South Australia’s. This vineyard has already provided the fruit for our 2012 trophy winning Kingston Estate Cabernet Sauvignon and we look forward to many more great vintages from it.

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Do you really have the largest planting of Petit Verdot in Australia?


Sitting right across the road from the winery is the 'Kingston Vineyard' which, amongst a few other varieties, also includes the single largest planting of Petit Verdot in the Southern Hemisphere and perhaps even the world.

Many wineries keep an eye on wine styles and how their wines compare to the competition by holding 'benchmarking' tastings. When Bill was developing his craft in the 1980s there was always a locally made wine that shone in these tastings for its depth of colour, opulent nose and rich yet soft palate. As Bill finally discovered, this wine contained a high proportion of a Petit Verdot which was they key to its quality.

In the 1990s the winery had grown enough to require another vineyard and it was a simple choice as to what the main variety would be. Requiring more sunshine than most grapes, Petit Verdot is ideally suited to the Riverland climate where it consistently gets fully ripe and enables us to create wines with deeper colour, a more lifted nose and a richer fruit vibrancy

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Do you export your wines?

We proudly export our wines to the major export markets around the world as well as some smaller, growing markets. Visit our distributor page to see who sells Kingston estate in your neck of the woods.

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