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Echelon showcases the pinnacle of our wine making from each vintage.

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Every winemaker sets their sights in making the best possible wines their skills and fruit deserve. But few winemakers possess the entrepreneurial insight and endless drive that allows them the luxury of choosing fruit that transcends all. Bill Moularadellis' unfailing commitment has earned him the honour to choose the best parcels of each vintage.


Fruit displaying exceptional vibrancy and intensity of flavour from which he crafts Kingston Echelon.

And in turn, these limited release varietal wines have earned him the highest accolades in the wine world, testament to Bill's enviable ability to showcase the best varietal expression - the best qualities - of South Australia.


Capturing South Australia's Best Regional Qualities.

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The diversity across South Australia's many wine regions ensures that each vintage, wines of very different styles can be produced from the same variety.  The Kingston Estate range of single varietal wines are crafted to display distinctive varietal character through careful region selection.  The best characteristics of one or more regions, often a combination of warm and cool climate, are matched and blended to provide the perfect synergy of regional definition and varietal integrity.

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