The winery was built in 1985 on the corner of the family property next to our original vineyard as well as the family home.

Today the winery can be considered two wineries in one: the original winery and the modern extension.

The original winery is where we make our small batch super premium wines giving us the flexibility and control to develop parcels of wine into exciting styles that truly reflect the varieties and regions from which they come.

State of the art tanks and winemaking equipment enhance our ability to produce commercial and larger volume bulk wines to the highest standard.

Our efficient and sophisticated winemaking operations allow us to make wine styles at all quality levels to the specific needs of our diverse global customers.

As a winery with top tier BRC compliance and a storage capacity of 117 million litres (equivalent to 156 million bottles of wine), all of our wine is made and matured on site until dispatched to market.

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